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7 Reasons Why You Need an Employee Intranet for Better Productivity

With websites, social media, emails, chat tools, and more, it may seem like the last thing to think about another communication platform. But do you really feel that your existing software and tools are improving the efficiency and productivity of your employees?

Let’s dive right in to understand why you need an employee intranet.

Why you need an employee intranet

Today, most of the organizations are driven by information. No matter the organization size or industry you are in; it is vital to know the information related to your products, services, standard operating procedures, workflows, and a lot more. With the swamping flood of information at workplaces, there is no silver bullet that can solve all the internal communication, employee engagement, and collaboration challenges. Well, there are plenty of tools available online that promise to deliver much. But what you need is a one-stop solution that offers a host of business benefits within your budget and modest investment.

A SharePoint Intranet is all the help you need to boost your employee productivity

If you are thinking about an intranet that is clunky, old-fashioned, and difficult to navigate? The world of work has changed a lot and so is the modern intranets. Gone are the days when an employee portal meant a static internal site where a few privileged employees published news, documents and events. A portal which only offered one-way communication, and which was used mainly as an IT certified repository and news channel.

Modern intranets are very different and dynamic. They give an interesting platform to employees to stay connected, collaborate, socialize, access internal resources, share information, manage project tasks, and a lot more. In a nutshell, a modern intranet on SharePoint stays at the heart of your workplace.

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SharePoint intranet features

With the current rise in the work from home trend due to COVID-19 crisis, an intranet has become the need of the hour. Choosing a right intranet backed up with these modern intranet features can act as an anchor to your employee productivity and business performance. If you are still not sure how an employee intranet has a significant impact on productivity within the organization, let’s explore the top reasons that will make you consider having a modern intranet.

7 Reasons Why You Need an Employee Intranet for Better Productivity

1. Simplified business processes

No organization can deny the fact that paper and email-based business processes are one of the most cumbersome ways of getting the things done. Most of us are dealing with the overflowing trays of papers but it is a very complex and error-prone process. A modern intranet comes to the rescue here and simplifies the business processes while automating most of them. Whether it is sending documents for review, signing up for a company meeting, completing the latest health and safety form, your intranet can easily streamline the business processes. It ultimately saves a lot of your time and energy that reflects higher productivity.

Here are some examples:

  • Using digital forms across the intranet to complete the data rather than giving print out of the forms
  • Streamlining content approval process such as a new blog post. The writer can complete and upload the content on portal, and then, sends it for approval. The automatic notifications can be generated for the managers to approve the content and once it is approved, the writer is also notified in real-time. Moreover, you can share, discuss, and co-author documents using metadata, groups, and taxonomies for better collaboration.

2. Creates a two-way communication

A SharePoint intranet facilitates clear internal communication between people and groups to avoid information silos and misunderstandings. The co-workers can seamlessly share information and build bonds across the organization. You can see all the positive sides of an intranet if there is a good amount of participation by the employees. Learn effective ways for intranet adoption here.

The employee intranet does not only help employees to raise the concerns but also help them receive the accurate answers to questions. Listening to the needs, feedback and recommendations of employees is necessary to excel in the modern-day workplace. An intranet can help you set up feedback loops at the team and company levels to get the actionable business insights. You can also use pulse surveys through a quick survey tool and build a steady feedback pipeline. Listening to the voice of employees boost their engagement levels, productivity, and ultimately, levels up the business growth and revenues.

3. Reduced search time

The core of your intranet has to be a well-organized navigation leading to different organized sites. If the content is hidden with multiple links, the employees will have to spend huge amount of time looking for the relevant information. And a strong navigation is supported by advanced global search options that brings a range of content based on keywords. This is how most of the search engines and modern applications work.

A modern intranet on Office 365 allows employees to search by keywork such as “Holiday”, which results in relevant documents, people, blogs, articles, news and announcements, sites, and more in an organized manner. This is advanced functionality that makes the information architecture planning much easier.

4. Builds a collaborative culture

Creating a successful business in long term requires you to enhance employee engagement and make your employees feel valued. It means that collaboration is the key to business success. It does not only drive employee engagement but also boosts business growth. With a unified platform, you can easily share the information and information across the organization.

This is where a modern SharePoint intranet has its advantages. It allows you to get answers to your questions, store and search content in real-time, locate subject matter experts, streamline training process, encourage employees to contribute ideas. It is crucial for organizations to take advantage of modern collaboration tools and build a knowledge-sharing culture.

Building a collaborative culture is also beneficial when your team is working across different time zones and departments. The intranet becomes the most adequate place for them to collaborate online and enables them, to bring together task management, information, social conversations, people, and more. By bringing this together, the employees can get on to the work that really matters and become highly productive.

5. Simplified knowledge management

Most of the employees waste their productive time in searching the relevant information as they need to search through many unorganized repositories and cluttered inboxes. A knowledge base provides a central platform to make the information easily searchable and accessible. Know why knowledge management is important for your business success.

With a modern intranet in place, you can simplify the knowledge management process and cut down the time users spend on searching for information that should be at their fingertips. For example, the intranet allows the documents to be quickly and easily rolled up, dynamically updated to make it easier for employees to find the relevant information. Investing in a modern intranet can be an incredible experience for employee productivity and long-term success of your organization. Instead of looking for disparate systems to capture, organize, and share knowledge, you can create an integrated knowledge base system with a SharePoint intranet.

6. Streamlined task management

Despite being in an era of the digitized workplace, many businesses are still using manual, document-based processes and emails for managing tasks. Traditionally, the process of task management involves a mix of wasted time, tedious and time-consuming processes and tons of wasted papers. A modern intranet can automate your business tasks and allow you to streamline everything in just a few clicks. The employees can easily review all the tasks, projects, progress within the digital workplace. Learn how intranet portals can automate your business tasks.

7. On the go access with mobile

With the increasing need of mobility, it is important for organizations to offer flexible working solutions to the employees. The employees may have varied work schedules due to distant locations, having children, or alike. Being able to access the relevant information on mobile can be their ready solution to get the work done. In addition to the flexible work schedules, the employees may also require the data on client location, sales trips, networking events, or any other company events. With a modern intranet, you can take your office intranet solution wherever you go. Receive push notifications on your mobile device to have access to information from anywhere, at any time. Having the real-time access to information can make a lot of difference for employee satisfaction and productivity levels.

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Now, you know the reasons to get an intranet, do you still think that you need to ponder over getting an employee intranet for your organization? Tens of thousands of companies are already using employee intranets and astonished to see its power to boost productivity as well as business growth. Effective communication at workplace, easy sharing of documents/data, improved employee engagement, eliminated information silos, access to multiple communication channels, reduced business process complexities, better project management, advanced security are some of the benefits offered by modern SharePoint intranet. There is much more for you to take your business to the next level.

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