Covid-19 Workplace Precautions

Is your workplace ready for COVID-19? How Microsoft Office 365 Intranet can help?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been officially declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and continues to sweep the globe.

While most of the countries are revising their entry policies, the United States of America has declared travel bans on 28 European countries, large gatherings have stopped, schools and universities have closed, social-distancing measures have imposed, and organizations have given work from home to their employees.

Impact of COVID-19 on enterprises

COVID-19 is an infectious disease and discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Since its discovery, it is spreading in multiple countries and posing major threat to the bottom line of many businesses. From large to small enterprises, it will lead many companies to fall short of financial goals due to the disruptions related to this health hazard.

With the number of increased cases of coronavirus across the world, there will be some losses that are inevitable but a well-informed strategy with appropriate resources can safeguard your organization from future losses.

Is your workplace ready?

Well, many companies that already encourage work-from-home policies have the resources and practices in place but is it the case for every company?

The answer is ‘No”. Not every company was ready for mandatory work-from-home policy amid the spread of COVID-19.

Many organizations think that they have the necessary tools to allow work from home to employees. But today, when it happened, too many organizations are finding lack of suitable collaboration tools. The most important considerations to protect people along with productivity are:

  • Workforce safety – Ensuring that employees do not face any kind of health risks depending on their nature and location of work.
  • Remote working capabilities – To keep everyone connected with an integrated platform, work in a documented manner, and move forward.
  • Effective communication strategy – Seamless communication between customers, partners, and stakeholders to encourage teamwork and collaborative results.

Get your Intranet solution to work

Microsoft office 365 intranet have all the capabilities and tools to support your employees during this crisis and boost productivity to the next level. Don’t delay and know how it can help dramatically to streamline business activities for your employees even if they are working from home.

Get your Intranet solution to work

How to stay productive in a work-from-home environment?

It is realistic to assume that work-from-home becomes the new normal for many corporations. Many of us are working from home for the first time, which means figuring out each and everything, from documents, content sharing, security, resources, communication, collaboration, and much more.

If you have the right tools, you can easily adjust in this critical time while being productive at work, communicating seamlessly, using the online workspaces, and delivering results.

Obviously, you need a good computer/laptop with an internet connection to get started. And once you have that, an effective collaboration software can keep your workflow and collaboration at the right pace and keep your productivity high.

Apart from that, here are some ways to stay productive while working from home:

1. Clear communication

The key to work from home is clear communication with your team as it helps you understand what is expected of you when you are not in the office. Having clear expectations helps you roll-out your tasks easily ad effortlessly. Engage in richer communication with tools like Microsoft Teams. You can have an instant and face-to-face communication with your team and work in more collaborative manner.

2. Utilize technology

“Working from home = Heavy technology reliance.”

You tend to use more tools and technologies while working from home because you are isolated and do not have any other ways to communicate. Even the employees who can do most of their jobs over the email may feel the isolation effects and reach out to colleagues for collaboration.

3. Give it a “real job” treatment

Just because you can be as comfortable as you want doesn’t mean you should. Treat the work from home setup as a real job and try to create a bespoke space exclusively for work. Having a home office work leads to better productivity of employees.

4. Avoid feeling isolated

COVID-19 is pushing everyone into the extreme isolation environment. A virtual workspace can help to create an engaging online environment where you can celebrate birthdays, praise colleagues, and much more. It adds a little bit of lightness to the monotonous environment.

5. And finally, keep your spirits high

There is so much of negativity out there, lot of people are panicking and taking too much of stress. Working from home for a prolonged period can be personally and economically painful but bearable. Share and acknowledge the stress among team members and be the cheerleader for each other.

Get Microsoft Office 365 Intranet
(Everything your employees need to work from home)

The proliferation of digital tools has never been more than important than today. And utilizing these tools to maximize your productivity is the best choice to handle the situation in this tough time. With a digital workplace on Office 365 (now renamed Microsoft 365), working from home can be accepted as a practice for many organizations without compromising on productivity.

Remote working can be successful if you are committed to work and have the necessary tools to make it work.

How Microsoft Office 365 intranet can help?

1. Stay secure

Remote employees need not to use any third-party applications to share their work. They can use secure sharing links to provide document access. Moreover, the role-based permissions can be provided to limit the user access.

2. Mobile functionality

Most of the enterprises are working with dispersed workforce and everyone need internet access for employees. With an intranet on Microsoft Office 365, you can easily encourage your internal communications team to leverage the unified notifications. And at the same time, they can disseminate communication in efficient and effective manner.

3. Arm users with trainings

Work from home can be a major transition for employees. The potential uncertainties can be managed by providing necessary resources to the users and get them to speed. The training tutorials and relevant information can be exchanged easily and electronically without any security concerns.

4. Work on your schedule

Work whenever you need to, stay in sync with your team, access and share files securely, all the right set of apps are there to help you with Microsoft Office 365 intranet. Take care of all behind the scenes, stay up to date and always work on your schedule to deliver excellent results.

5. Built-in intelligence

There are many intelligent capabilities to help you get better results and save a lot of time. The built-in support, data analysis and insights help you to work like a pro anytime, and anywhere you want.

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