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Improving Document Discovery with
BizPortals 365’s Library Viewer

Every company, irrespective of what industry it belongs to or what size it is, generates a variety of documents. A company uses documents to interact, keep records, transact business and analyze its productivity. Business documents can range from brief email messages to lengthy reports, and complex legal agreements. Documents are the lifeblood of modern businesses and yet they are the most ignored.

Even in this day and age where quick and easy access to information has become the norm, employees are still known to spend 10% – 15% of their work day just looking for documents or information.

Businesses are looking to Intranet portals and Document Management solutions to solve this problem and to some extent, they do.

A Home page that displays a list of “Recent documents”

Capability for users to mark documents as “favorites”

Organizing and tagging documents for quick retrieval

Dedicated document libraries for every department

Powerful global search over sites to find documents and filter via categorized results

All these features are just fine when you are dealing with a small company. But what happens when you are dealing with a company with over 50 departments, each with over 100 document libraries with hundreds of thousands of documents? How can you navigate through them easily and find what you need?

We, at BizPortals Solutions, recognize these challenges and have been working hard on enhancing our document accessibility and discovery features, and we now present to you our new and improved Library Viewer.

Library Viewer

The Library Viewer is available on every department and project site. It is an extension of the document library and gives you convenient access to multiple document libraries, that you have permissions to, with one click. You can toggle between libraries simply by picking them from a list.

All your libraries within a department are just one click away and the best part is; you can find documents you need quickly by filtering the list right in the viewer, or by pinning them to the top of the list.

Toggle between libraries within a department/team site by selecting them from a drop down

Quickly access the documents you need without having to navigate to the individual libraries

Perform all document actions, including uploading, versioning, sharing, and searching, from this library view

Sync your library with your computer or with Outlook with a click of a button

Preview feature for Microsoft Office documents – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – lets you see what’s inside without opening them

Pin important documents to always stay on top of the list

Let’s look at a real-world scenario

A large company with 5000+ employees, has 5 locations worldwide.

The organization uses SharePoint for their Document Management needs. Their SharePoint has been setup with the various Department sites and document libraries have been created in each department – named by their location. For example, their Sales Department has document libraries within it with names Boston – USA, New York – USA, Mexico, Australia, and India.

Every location is using a different CRM solution. Assistant Sales Managers at each location generate sales reports from their system every week and upload them into their document library for the VP to view. Each Assistant Sales manager uses his discretion to name the document, tag it, and categorize it.

Problem: The VP of Sales needs the sales reports from each location, every week, and is spending too much time and effort on navigating, searching, and locating the latest reports from the various document libraries.


BizPortals 365 can integrate with the different CRM solutions, extract a report every week (let’s say Wednesday), and drop it into the respective document libraries using a naming convention that has been agreed upon.

The library viewer makes toggling from one library to another (within the Sales Department), a breeze.

BizPortals 365 can be programmed to “pin” these reports to the top of the document list for easy discovery and retrieval.

BizPortals 365 can also be set up to notify the VP when the reports are dropped into the various libraries, with a link to the reports embedded in the email.


Automation reduces manual, error-prone work, and brings uniformity

Saves time:

  • The Assistant Sales Manager is freed of his manual weekly task, and
  • The VP of Sales saves hours of his time since the reports are so easily accessible. No more navigating into and out of each document library to search for the documents.

Easy discovery of reports:

  • The toggle feature of the library viewer allows the VP to jump from one library to another with one click.
  • The VP can use the links in his email to view and print the reports.

It is easy to see how BizPortals 365 was able to fix a complicated, error-prone, time-consuming process; and provide a simple, straightforward solution.

There are many other scenarios that your company could be struggling with. We have years of experience and knowledge, which we can use to guide and counsel you. Please contact us at or request a demo through our website

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