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Increasing the Efficiency of Manufacturing Businesses with an Office 365 Intranet

In today’s competitive environment, manufacturing industries need to quickly respond to any shifts in their markets – changes in raw material cost, new quality control measures, new technology, and more. As the external environment continues to change, so does inside the workplace. Speed of information is moving faster, teams and employees are more spread out, and information and people continue to be more mobile. Yet, for manufacturers, the need to access critical information, work together, and be on the same page remains.

Manufacturers, just like other businesses, are challenged with information overload and employee retention, productivity, and collaboration. They need tools that give their employees fast and efficient access to information, a way to communicate and get the answers they need in real-time, a central place to store and collaborate on documents, and multiple channels to share ideas and information. As such, platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Google, and ERPs are increasingly being adopted by manufacturing businesses.

Microsoft Office 365 is the fastest growing productivity platform for businesses small and large. The growth of businesses adopting Office 365 is staggering with over 135 million commercial monthly active users. And there is Microsoft SharePoint – the popular and widely used intranet and collaboration platform. An estimated 400,000 organizations use SharePoint and over 75% of Fortune 500 companies use the platform because of its powerful and industry-proven impacts on business productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

As powerful as SharePoint is, its true strength is unleashed with some customizations and configurations to make it look, feel, and work exactly the way businesses and teams want it to. Some development work is needed to add things like automated workflows, approvals and routings, dashboard views, etc. – things that make work easier and completing tasks faster. However, such SharePoint and Office 365 development work can be time consuming and costly.

This is where BizPortals 365 comes in. BizPortals 365 is a ready-to-go Office 365 intranet, which means that it is built on Office 365 and SharePoint and extends, enhances, and integrates the out-of-the-box capabilities of these office productivity platforms into one single, comprehensive intranet solution.

BizPortals 365 comes built with integrations to Office 365 tools ready-to-go to bring in key functionality like Outlook for email, One Drive for file storage, Teams and Yammer for real-time internal communication, Flow to automate your forms and workflows, and Power BI to make data and reports easy to digest and understand.

BizPortals 365 is also a business intranet, rather than a social intranet. It extends the functionality of SharePoint and Office 365 to be more than just a typical intranet for company-wide communication and collaboration. BizPortals goes beyond these features and has robust document management, project management, workflow automation, HR management, and more – in addition to modern collaboration and employee engagement features – to be a complete business intranet.

So, BizPortals 365 is a developed product that brings together the power of SharePoint and Office and their extensive functionality together into a full workplace solution to give manufacturing businesses a comprehensive, feature rich, ready-to-go, and modern intranet. This enables your business to streamline communications, automate business processes, and bring their teams together on a single platform so they can collaborate and work together cohesively.

BizPortals 365 offers functionality that helps manufacturing businesses increase their operational efficiency and internal collaboration and communication. These include:

  1. Enhanced mobility to empower your shop floor and field employees
  2. Automation of complex business processes
  3. Secure and unified collaboration
  4. A paperless workplace with secured Document Libraries
  5. Project spaces to collaborate and manage projects and tasks
  6. Real-time visibility into production activities
  7. Integration with line of business systems

To learn more about how BizPortals 365 helps make manufacturing businesses more productive and efficient, download our free ebook.

Office 365 for Manufacturing Businesses

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