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Project Management on SharePoint Made Easy with BizPortals 365

Most businesses, large and small, juggle a number of projects with hundreds of tasks (if not more), and need a system to keep everything organized. A Project management software becomes an indispensable tool which helps in handling and supervising the tasks and seeing them through completion.

There is a wide variety of software packages available, including cloud-based applications which give you the flexibility of accessing and updating your tasks from anywhere. Each application will have a different list of functionalities, but if you are considering investing in a tool, here are some must-have features:

Considerations for a Project Management solution

1. Team/Project Sites

Dedicated sites with configurable user level permissions, where everything related to the project can be stored, managed, and retrieved; documents, news, calendars, tasks, discussions, etc.

2. Effective Collaboration & Communication

The tool should have features which make it is easy for the team to connect and collaborate. This includes files and content sharing, shared calendars, and discussion boards which help team members quickly communicate in real time without having to sift through a pile of emails. Voice and video conferencing also provide connectivity across geographical borders.

3. Document Management

The tool must come equipped with a repository to house project related documents, keep them linked to the project and provide safety. It should also allow for collaborative authoring, easy versioning and sharing of documents.

4. Task Management

It should provide easy task tracking capabilities with the facility to create and assign tasks to team members, group tasks, set dependencies for tasks, set priorities, define statuses and due dates for each; and a way to filter them to see tasks in different ways – for example by resource, department, completion date, etc., so you can locate and organize your tasks quickly.

5. Dashboard view

This makes it possible to present all the important components of a project on one page. It gives project managers a quick view of their projects with a consolidated view of tasks and resources, it helps monitoring tasks and makes planning and prioritizing much easier.

6. Real-time & Graphical Reporting

the tool should provide the capability to create reports on project status, resource allocation, and more. These reports can be turned into charts and graphs for better visualization and management.

7. News, Alerts, and Notifications

Very important for dispersing important company or project news to the whole company or to a particular project team. Notifications are important for informing users of task assignments, pending tasks, approaching due dates, or changes in schedules.

8. Cloud based

When projects are managed by team members who are scattered over the globe, a cloud based solution makes it possible for everybody to access the project, make updates, flag delayed tasks and track progress – at any time and from anywhere.

9. Getting Everyone on one platform

the tool should present all the above features on one platform so that work can be accomplished within one system where team members can get a consolidated view of the status of the project, its risks, communicate and discuss issues, find solutions and implement them; all from one place.

How to Use SharePoint for Project Management?

BizPortals 365 is a SharePoint based Project Management Solution which fulfills all of the above criteria (and more), and being a cloud offering it allows teams with dispersed members to work seamlessly from anywhere and at times that are convenient to them. Members are able to work on their favorite browsers and update their tasks as they progress which makes it possible for project managers to make better informed decisions.

Let’s look at BizPortals 365 project management features more closely.

Projects at a glance

Project Dashboard

Create and manage multiple projects from the Project Workspace.

Quickly view status of all projects and those that you are assigned to.

Search for projects by their name, by manager or lead, or by the time period it spans.

Manage large projects by creating sub-projects under it.


Project Discussion Feature

Use the discussion feature to have focused conversations with team members about a project, topic, or task.

Keep all project related conversations in one place.

Get updates and feedback without creating email clutter.

Task/Issues Management

Task Management

Easily create tasks and assign them to yourself or to other team members.

Filter your tasks based on their status, due date, priority and assignees.

Move and copy tasks between projects, create a list of action or backlog items, and export lists into an Excel spreadsheet.

Quickly and easily see your tasks on the Home page and on My Site.

Manage your project risks and issues with the built-in issues list, which is easy to create and maintain.

Create custom lists to capture additional information such as budgeting, meeting notes and requirements.

Better task visualization and management with
Kanban Boards, Gantt Charts

BizPortals 365 includes Kanban boards and Gantt chart views in their project management module. These tools are really unique for an intranet solution. They help you be more agile and visual in the way you plot out and manage your projects and tasks.

It is easy for the project lead to get a clear view of the overall status of a project. It is easy to see how many tasks are in progress, which resources are working on a task, which tasks are not moving forward and thus are affecting the timely progress of a project. It is easy to quickly add more resources to a task, change its priority, and schedule a meeting to resolve issues to ensure that the project stays on schedule.

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards helps in easy task and workflow visualization. It is an online board where you can easily see your progress on projects as your team moves tasks from to-do to complete.

Kanban Boards

Every task is represented by a card (looks like a sticky note) which displays the task name, person assigned, priority, due date, etc.

Task arrangements are in columns called buckets. Buckets can be arranged by “task status” or “priority”.

It is easy to move tasks between buckets by dragging and dropping. This will change the task’s status or priority (depending on which view you are in). Task assignments, or due dates can be changed simply by clicking on the task name and updating the fields in the window.

Color codes offer more clarity to the various aspects of a task. For example, a red flag denotes high priority and a red date denotes an overdue task.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are horizontal bar charts and they provide a graphical illustration of a project schedule, which helps to plan, coordinate, track and update tasks in a project.

Gantt Charts

Presents a list of tasks, each with their timelines and progress which makes it easy to track project and task schedules.

Filter the view by assigned user and start/end dates.

See task assignments and contact users via email or by adding a comment to their task.

Drag the progress bar to the left or right to update the percentage completion of a task.

Export the chart to a PDF for portability.

Document Libraries

Document Libraries

Dedicated document libraries for each project where all documents can be stored, shared, and versioned.

Team members have access to all project related information in one place.

Capability to sync your library to your computer for easy access and to work with a familiar windows look.

As you can see, BizPortals 365 offers robust project management features which can help you stay on track, stay informed, and be able to manage all your projects from one central location.

If you are looking for a project management tool that is uncomplicated and easy to use, but still has all the features that will make your projects successful, email us at or request a one-on-one demo today.

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