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Why Ready-to-go SharePoint Intranets Are Gaining Popularity

SharePoint has emerged as a market leader in the cloud collaboration space with more than 300,000 organizations using SharePoint within their Office 365 (now renamed Microsoft 365) ecosystem and 85% of these being Fortune 500 companies. SharePoint is undeniably the preferred platform to build an enterprise intranet because of its excellent configurational options.

However, building an intranet on SharePoint is not a walk in the park. It has its quirks and challenges; time commitment and expenses being the biggest hurdles. And this is, for the large part, the reason why pre-built intranets or ready-to-go intranets are becoming popular, with a large number of companies rolling them out.

The ready-to-go intranet market was sluggish at the onset with most companies being reluctant to adopt them as these products did not adequately support their needs. The market eventually stabilized and these solutions have made tremendous progress during the last decade or so – with cloud offerings and integrations with Microsoft Office 365.

Sharepoint Intranet Templates for Businesses

In its recent report, The Radicati Group has reported that the distribution of users on SharePoint on-premises vs. SharePoint online is 33% – 67%, compared to 62% – 38% just 2 years ago. This is indicative of a big shift towards cloud-based, subscription-based ready-to-go intranet solutions.

Businesses are quickly recognizing the benefits of a ready SharePoint intranet – the biggest ones being ease of use, speedy implementation and quick ROI. Some other benefits are:

  • They satisfy 80-100% of the needs of any business
  • They are robust, feature rich and offer tons of integrations
  • They are easy and intuitive, require minimum training, and have high user adoption

If you are still struggling with your decision to implement a ready-to-go SharePoint solution or need more information about its benefits and features, please download our free ebook.

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