Successful SharePoint Intranet

Why SharePoint Intranets Are Successful?

Choosing the right platform ensures that your intranet becomes a one-stop solution for information, communications, tools, and applications to make your entire digital workplace successful. Well, SharePoint is here to handle all your business and employee engagement challenges. SharePoint has started as a document management system way back in 2001, added web publishing capabilities in 2003, and evolved as a market leader.


SharePoint is a mature platform for developing collaboration solutions ever since it was released more than a decade ago. Rich with features, abundant configuration controls, and flexible security mechanisms have made SharePoint a platform of choice for intranets. Most importantly, the SharePoint best practices ensure customization flexibility along with its out-of-the-box features.
Eventually, SharePoint has become an integral part of the ecosystem emerging from the conglomeration of multiple Microsoft products.
So, SharePoint has come a long way from its introduction in 2001, struggling along the way as most new ideas do in the market. We now have three most important ingredients that allow companies to build intranets upon SharePoint:
  • A cloud platform to enable access from any place
  • Modern tools and languages such as JavaScript and angular
  • Rich API for integration
  • Interface for mobile devices
This breakthrough has only been possible due to Microsoft’s new approach of adopting non-Microsoft technologies and its openness in providing APIs for building whatever is best suited for organizations. Because of the steps taken by Microsoft, innovative products are appearing in a variety of forms, such as point tools for managing Human Resources (HR) functions, document management, and integration with CRM products.
BizPortals 365 is one example of such an innovative intranet for businesses. With BizPortals 365, you get instant access to many routine tasks and workflows with a modern interface and responsive display. Its document management provides all the rich SharePoint features with an enhanced user experience. The home page provides a glance at updated company and personal information, presented in a distinctly modern style. You get access to:
  • Company branded header and footer
  • Clear navigation to pages and sites
  • Single-click access from any page to the employee directory, knowledge center, and other frequently used features
  • Company announcements, alerts, and other employee awareness features
  • Powerful global search
Similarly, BizPortals 365 presents other powerful SharePoint intranet features to employees in a simple way, requiring no SharePoint or IT knowledge. Content management, forms for automating business processes, projects and project tracking, document management, and HR module are bundled to create a handy digital workplace.
No wonder there is strong market adoption of SharePoint based intranets and collaboration products. The reputable Radicati Group’s recent report confirms that “Microsoft SharePoint continues to see strong market adoption across all verticals, and is projected to grow at an annual average growth rate of 20% over the next four years.” This trend is good news for SMBs as the value proposition presented by this trend is unmistakable and adoption will become imminent.

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