Top 10 Digitalization Tools: Taking Your Digital Transformation to the Next Level

Top 10 Digitalization Tools: Taking Your Digital Transformation to the Next Level

“The last ten years of IT have been about changing the way people work. The next ten years of IT will be about transforming your business.”

— Aaron Levie, BOX

Modern workplaces for businesses and organizations are constantly evolving and rising continuously. Businesses must adopt digitalization with advanced technological platforms like the intranet, communication, and management tools.

According to McKinsey & Company, 16% of organizations are successfully using digital transformation and it is helping them achieve their goals more specifically. It is the right time for businesses to make a smooth switch towards digitalization tools that can accommodate more productivity with streamlined and improved work processes.

In today’s atmosphere, choosing digital transformation is not only an option but a necessity. Various businesses around the world are generating more than 50% of their revenue using digital transformation tools. It is a core part of organizations that found a way to streamline and strengthen work processes.

Read out further to know what digital transformation is, why organizations should adopt digital transformation, and which digitalization tools are beneficial for your organization.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of adopting and using digital tools to remove manual, traditional, and non-digital processes. Opting for digital transformation organizations can alter the complete methodology, management, and operations of an organization. If opted smartly, it can manage organizational structure and operational processes efficiently.

Why is Digital Transformation Important for Organizations?

As discussed above, digitalization is one of the most crucial needs of growth-seeking businesses around the world. It allows companies to adapt to modern technologies to collate and improve their overall functioning.

It is one of the best steps for organizations that are looking forward to improving the user experience. With digital transformation, companies can attain easy migration to cloud services, leverage artificial intelligence, attain on-demand training, and a lot more.

Digital Transformation Tools

Now, moving on further, let us understand what are the top 10 digital transformation tools that can help organizations.

10 Essential Digital Transformation Tools for Advanced Organizations:

1. Digital Communication Tools

Effective communication is one of the crucial aspects of organizations, but most organizations lack smooth communication using manual and traditional work processes. In today’s fast-paced time, it is important to reduce the use of formal emails, one-to-one meetings, and long sessions. These time-consuming processes create chances of glitches among team members, managers, and even high authorities.

Various platforms like Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and a lot more are extremely helpful for companies as an inclusive channel for communication. All of these are consolidated platforms to ask questions, raise issues, communicate progress, etc.

2. Intranet Tools

Intranets are next-generation tools. These tools help in connecting your business applications to a portal that gives you access to all the data and information from a single dashboard. It is considered a customized channel for internal use.

Using an intranet tool in combination with Microsoft can build organizations with a strong employee-centric atmosphere. BizPortals 365 provides a cloud-based collaborative intranet solution that helps in managing internal communication, documents, projects, forms, workflows, and automation. It helps organizations attain their overall goals by running everything systematically, smoothly, and efficiently.

3. Project Management Software

Project management software is one of the most worthy and useful digital workplace tools for a company. It can help organizations attain efficiency, enhance collaboration, ensure task completion, and improve productivity and performance. Robust Project Management Solution includes features such as email notifications, and project visualization features like Kanban boards, timelines, Gantt charts, etc.

More features of a project management solution include:

  • Customized dashboard
  • Task management
  • Project document management
  • Project workflows
  • Resource allocation
  • And a lot more…

4. Document Management System

A document management system is also one of the best tools for companies to manage entire documentation using one system. It also allows storing, managing, and tracking all the documents, images, and videos, in a single place that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.

An efficient document management system incorporates all the documentation with features like capturing, workflow, document libraries, output systems, retrieval systems, and more. The best part of DMS (Document Management System) is it provides role-based access (visitors, members, admin, and owner) to different segments of employees in an organization. This helps in keeping the document secure and safe along with allowing access to everyone according to their needs.

A document management system can provide:

  • Document libraries
  • Calendar viewer
  • Counter dashboard
  • Permission-based access
  • Co-authoring
  • Workflows and approvals
  • And more…
Document Management System

5. Employee Engagement Tools

In today’s world, a company needs to be incredibly supportive and caring for its employees. It is necessary to provide all the employees with their needed comfort zone to let them remain motivated and productive in their work. Digital workplaces with employee engagement tools are one of the best ways to ensure efficiency, accountability, and accuracy for employees.

An efficient employee engagement tool includes features like:

  • Employee reward & recognition platform to encourage employees for their special achievements.
  • Provide your employees with a platform to put surveys, polls, and contests.
  • Connect and engage more, give feedback, respond to surveys, and more.
  • Provide an employee directory where, searching for any employee, department, and location is easier.

6. Knowledge Management Tools

IBM says knowledge is the process of identifying, organizing, storing, and disseminating information within an organization. With effective knowledge management, the team members in an organization can remain motivated, empowered, and innovative in their work. Proper knowledge helps in driving actions and building more required knowledge over the existing one.

Various knowledge management tools help create a vast knowledge base for employees. It can provide an internal wiki to store and maintain data and information properly. It also provides a platform to create sources to easily grab knowledge and news.

7. Content Management System

A content management system is a must-have tool for growth-seeking organizations. It is software that helps in uploading, customizing, and publishing content on the web. It includes pre-built templates, drag, and drop editors, and a lot more features to support smooth content management on the web.

8. CRM Platforms

Opting digitalization tools, companies can also improve their outward-facing actions, i.e., actions that can support managing customers efficiently. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides organizations with agility, flexibility, and insight into their consumer relations which helps in staying competitive.

Various CRM platforms support easy communication with clients along with understanding and guiding their actions. It is a tool that helps answer queries and concerns of customers in real-time along with ensuring high satisfaction. Along with this, a CRM also gathers analytics and data on customer behavior. The impact of CRM on a business indicates:

  • Generating and storing leads
  • Mapping sales funnel
  • Effective customer interaction
  • Aligning marketing team
  • Enhanced customer retention

9. Recruitment Management Tools

Recruitment is one of the underrated operations among organizations. It is important to understand that recruitment includes long-term effects on an organization’s culture, performance, and profitability. With digital recruitment tools, it is easy to identify and share resumes with hiring managers. It also includes features like interview feedback, organizing next steps, and adding comments in the recruitment processes leading to informed and improved decision-making.

10. Social Media Management Tools

The current generation is more likely to relate to social media. According to research, 72% of the American public uses some type of social media. So, in this competitive edge, it is high time for companies to remain active and opt for social media tools to buffer their business activities.

Various tools are helping businesses optimize their social media presence. These tools include features like post-scheduling, ad management, user analytics, performance monitoring, and a lot more.

What should be the digital transformation framework for organizations?

The journey and success of digital transformation optimization varies depending upon the needs of an organization. It is important to check specific challenges and demands and consider digital transformation strategies and tools.

Here are few of the elements to keep in mind while moving over digitalization:

  • Customer Experience: It is important to consider that the technology you are choosing will not impact on your customer’s experience in any way.
  • Culture and Behavioral Activity: A good culture boosts employees’ morale and motivates them to perform better, it is crucial that the technology you are going to adopt should improve the culture and boost employee morale.
  • Operational Agility: It should provide you with fast-paced processes and operational agility.

Meanwhile, it takes proper training and time to get the best out of any technology. All that matters is the selection of the right technology that you are making for your organization.

Scale Your Business with BizPortals 365 Digital Transformation Tools

BizPortals 365

Digital transformation is not about following the trends and buying multiple unnecessary tools, it is all about leveraging the right technology to support and improve the traditional or outdated functioning of your product or services, making it more agile, competitive, and profitable in every aspect.

In among various digital transformation tools, choose a one-stop solution that will lead you to complete automation and streamline all day-to-day operations. BizPortals 365 will provide you with easy integration with Microsoft and SharePoint to cater to all the organizational needs and manage their entire work processes in an efficient way.

With BizPortals 365, you get direct and dynamic integration with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and more entailing you with:

  • All the benefits of Office 365 with various productivity tools like Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, OneNote, Delve, Power BI (Business Intelligence) and more.
  • Reap reliability, security, mobility, and ease to transform all the business activities.
  • Get easy CRM access to provide a connected view of data intelligence on customers records, transactions, behaviors, and predictive tools.

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