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About Us

Bizportals Solutions Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a full-service software and services company solely dedicated to organizations using Office 365 (now renamed Microsoft 365) and SharePoint. Based in Orange County, CA with offices in Boston and India, we have over 130 employees comprised of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint experts, developers, software architects, solution consultants, and customer success representatives. We have over 15 years of experience developing intranet and digital workplace solutions on SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 so we are experts in these areas, as well as the Microsoft platform as a whole.
We have been trusted Microsoft Gold Partners for over 15 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your intranet and digital workplace advocate for your entire organization. We use our expertise and love for helping businesses of all sizes to develop Microsoft Office 365- and SharePoint-based solutions and services that enable a more informed, engaged, and productive workplace for you and your employees.
Bizportals Solutions Mission

Our Story

Bizportals Solutions Beginning

Our Beginning

BizPortals was born out of pain points that we as a business had as we were looking to grow and improve the way we worked. Our documents were disorganized, communication was on different platforms, projects were harder to track as they got bigger and involved more people, simple workflows weren’t automated, and the list goes on. It was getting harder to work, and harder to grow.
We needed simple tools to help our teams and employees. Tools that allowed us to easily and quickly find the information they needed. Tools to help us better organize, manage, and centralize our documents, projects, HR forms and policies, and overall communication and collaboration. Ideally, we wanted a comprehensive tool that had all these features, but didn’t add to our organizational and IT overhead. Rather reduced and simplified it. But such a product didn’t exist and we knew we weren’t alone in what we were looking for. So we decided to build it ourselves.
Bizportals Solutions Evolution

Our Evolution

From this, our BizPortals 365 product (and earlier versions of the product) was born. Soon followed our Services arm as we found many companies on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint needed help in different ways, and we had a wealth of information and technical expertise to share. Product + Services = BizPortals Solutions, and voila!
We started with a mission to help businesses empower their employees and improve the way they work. As we got more customers and larger customers over the years, our product has changed, but our mission has remained the same. Now we have fortunately evolved to help teams and organizations of all sizes create a more organized, informed, engaged, and connected workplace.

This is our story.

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