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8 Ways to Get More Out of Your Office 365

Office 365 tools and Applications


BizPortals 365 Intranet enhances employee and business productivity by providing a modern digital workspace which encompasses a lot of social and collaborative features out of the box.

Information Mobility

Take the intranet wherever you go. BizPortals 365 is built with carefully crafted responsive design for proper access on mobile devices so that employees have access to information from anywhere, which boosts productivity.

Enterprise Search

Powerful search built on Office 365 to target any content, such as documents, announcements, events and tasks. It’s like having everything on the tip of your fingers.


Engage employees with discussions and chats, people directory, corporate event videos and photographs as well as spotlight stories and birthday reminders.

Business Reporting & Analytics

Instantly access custom reports for HR, Projects, Performance reviews. Gain insight into business analytics and reports from other business systems like CRM for Sales, Marketing and Services, Financials reports.

News and Announcements

Easily create and distribute corporate news, department stories, and announcements through BizPortals 365 intranet. Emails, as a means for intracompany distribution of information is slowly becoming outdated. Use the capability of the intranet to generate content that will interest your employees and keep them coming back.

Document Libraries

Create and store documents with version history, sharing, categories and sub-categories. Team members can collaborate on the creation and completion of a single document. Keep information safe by setting permissions on the libraries and individual documents, if needed.


Apply your logo, banner, colors, fonts and customize the global menu and footer as per your corporate theme.

HR & Employee Management

Keep your employees abreast of HR information and announcements, policies and benefits. Easily deploy paperless forms with configurable approval process to save time and money, and offer self-help functions to reduce redundancy of employee queries.

Automated Process Workflows

Multi-stage workflows together with intuitive forms to replace paper forms by automated business processes. Submission and approval of forms in a central location with notification to involved parties as the form passes through the various stages until completion.

Collaborative Workspaces

Create department sites to facilitate managing tasks, documents and intra-department communications.


Navigate easily to frequently visited sites, documents and people by marking them as your 'favorites'. See this consolidated list on the home page and other common sites.

Project Management

Quickly create projects to share high-level goals of the initiative, to manage and assign tasks, and to communicate deadlines. Collaborate with team members across the globe effortlessly.

Goal Management

Evaluate employee performance against goals set for the quarter. Employees are required to do a self-appraisal as part of the process, which gives them an opportunity to assess their own effort for each task, which leads to improved performances across the board.


Subscribe to receive alerts for different activities on the portal like, new announcement, task assignment, new version of a document on a department or project site etc. Never miss out on information.