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Modern Digital Workplace Solution on Microsoft 365

Transform your workplace experience to improve employee engagement and productivity

Connect and Communicate

Newsletters and Announcements 

Newsletters and Announcements

Fuel a culture of collaboration with easy front-end publishing of company, department, and team-wide announcements.

Team Discussions

Team Discussions

Share quick ideas in real-time with 1:1 chat, group chat, calls, meetings, or screen share at any time, from any device.

Instant Chat and Communication

Instant Chat and Communication

Experience fast and effective communication with instant messaging tools. Share any number of files, documents, images directly into chats.

News Post Engagement

News Post Engagement

Empower employees to comment, react, share intuitively with powerful social features, and allow them to share their voice.

Task and Project Collaboration

Groups Groups
Get a designated space for employees with similar locations, work responsibilities, interests, to work together effectively.
Project Workspace Project Workspace
Project Workspace
Make your project management easy by consolidating all project communications and resources in one space. Set project goals, permissions, and monitor overall project progress.
Task Management Task Management
Task Management
Keep your projects organized with powerful project management tools. Easily check due dates, conversations, files, checklists, time logs to stay on track. Organize & visualize tasks with Kanban boards, Gantt chart.
Calendar Calendar
Collaborate for team events, manage appointments and meetings using customized calendar overviews.
Polls and Quizzes Polls and Quizzes
Polls and Quizzes
Create and share polls, quizzes, and surveys in seconds to gather information and gauge interest from employees.
File Sharing File Sharing
File Sharing
Increase work efficiency with an easy and secure file sharing process. Create, store, collaborate, and share common data exchanged between employees.
Knowledge Base and Ideas Knowledge Base and Ideas
Knowledge Base and Ideas
Get access to organized repositories, samples, case studies, and other existing information to foster the knowledge sharing culture.
Shared To-do List Shared To-do List
Shared To-do List
Capture the important to-do items, prioritize action items by recording and managing the teams and tasks. Get the shared overview of all tasks in a single window.

Automated Forms and Workflows

Digital Forms

Digital Forms

Replace common paper forms with pre-built electronic forms and track the progress of your forms from start to finish.

Custom views

Custom Views

Create personalized views for specific users, teams, and departments to save valuable time. Easily sort, filter, alter and drill down the parameters to get a custom dashboard.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Manage task workflows with powerful tools to automate manual business processes and streamline the routing and approvals.

Ready form templates

Ready Form Templates

Encourage employee efficiency with ready-to-go form templates for common functionalities like sales reports, appraisal forms, contracts, etc.

Document & Content Management

Secure document management
Secure Document Management
Allow users to view, edit, co-author, share and publish documents to collaborate effortlessly while ensuring high-end security and granular permission system.
Efficient document approvals
Efficient Document Approvals
Approve documents with a quick, efficient, error-free, and standardized automated system. Set up a customized approval workflow and eSign documents effortlessly.
Library management
Library Management
Access valuable information and company-wide resources with comprehensive managed libraries while easily managing their name, description, and permission settings.
Team sites
Team Sites
Give every team a dedicated space to share news, manage tasks, collect data, and collaborate to streamline the efforts.
Easy-to-access notes
Easy-to-access Notes
Organize your thoughts and ideas to simplify important planning with a digital notepad. Sync your notes across all your devices with OneNote.
Quickly capture and share large volume of information with Enterprise wiki, create a wiki page library to collaborate on all your project ideas.

Discovery and Navigation

Global search

Global Search

Powerful search built on Microsoft 365 for quick and easy to find information such as documents, files, people, forms, tasks, project files, and events.

Content Tags

Content Tags

Categorize and tag content including keywords, author names, categories, and dates for easy discovery & navigation of documents

Employee profile and directory

Employee Profile and Directory

Encourage employees to make connections, find skilled colleagues, and engage meaningfully at work with an easy-to-use employee directory.

Company hierarchy

Company Hierarchy

Help the newly hired employees to understand the corporate hierarchy and allow them to become an indispensable part of your organizational culture. 

Employee Engagement

Rewards & Recognition Rewards & Recognition
Rewards & Recognition
Encourage long-term employee success by recognizing their contribution, appreciating their accomplishments, and celebrating their success together.
Greetings  Greetings 
Create an inclusive work environment by sending birthday and work anniversary wishes, holiday-specific greetings, new hiring notifications, and more.
Surveys Surveys
Give your employees a platform with a rewarding user-experience by putting up surveys, polls, and contests
Dynamic work environment Dynamic work environment
Dynamic Work Environment
Engage more, share ideas, provide feedback, respond to surveys, follow people, react to content, news, and stories. 
Mobile Notifications Mobile Notifications
Mobile Notifications
Take your digital workplace solution wherever you go. Receive intranet push notifications on your mobile device to have access to information from anywhere, at any time. 

Organize and Personalize

Customizable Homepage
Customizable Homepage
Get an easy access to information and documents that matters to you the most.
Media Library
Media Library
Store all your important media such as photos, audios, and videos in managed libraries and sort them with formats.
File Drop Box & Quick links
File Drop Box & Quick links
Quickly add documents in libraries with easy drag and drop features and enable reliable access to frequently used locations with quick links. 
eSignature solution
eSignature Solution
Sign documents electronically, request signatures, send reminders, check the status of documents, and view audit trails with DocuSign. 
Managed Libraries
Managed Libraries
Organize, compile, and share company-wide resources you need, together in one place. Manage customized views and security access to libraries.

Security and Compliance

Data and Information Compliance 

Data and Information Compliance 

BizPortals 365 is committed to protecting your data, identities, and devices with the enterprise-grade security of Microsoft 365 while ensuring GDPR compliance.

Cloud Security 

Cloud Security 

Ensure your data is protected and never lost with a wide range of application-level security and protection across apps, devices, and cloud services. 



Scale your platform according to your business needs. Customize protection policies to meet your unique security and compliance requirements

Site Recycle Bin

Site Recycle Bin

Get access to the deleted items from the SharePoint document library. You can even view and restore items that were deleted by other users with the required permissions.

Dynamic Integrations

Microsoft 365 Hub Microsoft 365 Hub
Microsoft 365 Hub
Reap all the benefits of Microsoft 365 with the productivity tools such as Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Delve, Yammer, Power BI, Skype for Business, Power Apps, and OneNote.
DocuSign DocuSign
Get the security, mobility, reliability, and ease of use you need and transform your business with the best-in-class eSignature solution.
Custom Integrations Custom Integrations
Custom Integrations
Enhance employee experience by integrating your existing systems and processes with customized tools and business applications to suit your business requirements.
Microsoft Dynamics 365  Microsoft Dynamics 365 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 
Take your CRM workflow to the next level with an integrated CRM portal that allows easy access to customer records, transactions, behaviors, and predictive insight tools.
Universal Login Universal Login
Universal Login
Authenticate the users to get access to third-party cloud and on-premises applications with integrated login access.

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