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Calculate the ROI of a Modern Intranet

Employees are your valuable assets and so is the time. Do you know how many dollars and hours you are losing because your employees are disengaged? Let us determine the ROI of your company intranet.

How BizPortals 365 Can Save Your Money and Copious Amount of Time?

Intranet Website Element

While it’s not possible to add hours to each day, the time saved with an intuitive intranet can help you save thousands of dollars and number of misspent hours per day.



Average money lost per day due to a badly designed intranet.


Time lost

Average time of the day wasted searching for relevant information.


Number of hours

Total number of hours wasted every year to find documents and information.

An Intranet is Worth the Investment

Let us show you how BizPortals 365 can offer seamless and unified work experience to your employees.

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