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A centralized platform from BizPortals 365 ensures that EWINDO experiences flawless collaboration and uninterrupted resource access.


EWINDO is a leading seed company in Indonesia offering high-quality, cutting-edge vegetable seeds to increase farmers’ incomes. With over 2800 employees working in multiple departments, EWINDO is dedicated to producing, processing, and packaging products globally. Furthermore, the desire to find innovative solutions through research is a major factor leading them to become more efficient as an organization.

They rely heavily on documents, their ‘intellectual property,’ to implement their business processes. The need for efficient document handling and their challenges with the legacy system forced them to seek a more productive and secure solution. However, when they reviewed BizPortals 365, they were impressed with its ability to adapt to their complex workflows and collaboration needs.

Decoding Challenges


Guiding from the forefront with distributed teams requires an exceptional platform that facilitates collaboration and uninterrupted resource access. As we strived to find a transformative plan for EWINDO, we came across many gaps in their former approach. Prior to adopting BizPortals 365, EWINDO faced an intricate web of challenges due to their previous platform, which provided a single repository to store documents.

Delayed access to key documents, getting them approved manually, requesting multiple approvers, and unrestricted access to information weighed heavily on their operational excellence. Moreover, the then legacy system was plagued with complex manual processes, departmental silos, and an outdated interface with few customization options, adversely affecting the overall workplace experience.



Absence of a structured document management system to organize and categorize documents

Documents were inaccessible due to the complex folder structure used to store them

Document approval processes involving multiple approvers were manual and needed streamlined workflows

Lack of permission-based document access for users compromised the security of crucial information

Limited customization options hindered user interaction with the platform

Lack of collaboration within departments caused inconsistencies, resulting in delayed decision-making

“Faster approvals, document grouping, automated email notifications, and more have simplified complex manual processes, making things easier to understand and manage. Our teams now have access to relevant information in the shortest time possible, thanks to BizPortals 365.”


Defying the Odds


In essence, developing an ideal digital solution that caters to EWINDO’s needs was like tailoring soil and sowing the seeds of transformation. As a result of our team’s expertise, we created a customized SharePoint solution capable of categorizing and managing documents, as well as streamlining their key legal processes. It proved to be a masterstroke to replace manual processes with automated workflows and an email notification system, which poured efficiency into the entire system.

We filled the remaining void by creating dedicated department sites to facilitate collaboration and enable customization to complete the end-user experience. Certainly, BizPortals 365 served as fuel to revive productivity, communication, and innovation for a company striving to be the ‘Farmers’ Best Friend.’

Secure Document Repository

To meet the needs of EWINDO, we created a secure and centralized place where employees can create, edit, share, and manage documents and access them easily using meta-tagging features. Also, we created content types to facilitate department and category-based document grouping for better control over the organization’s intellectual property.

Email Notification System

Using an email notification system, approvers and requesters can be quickly notified of the approval status for better coordination by eliminating the process of getting the document approved manually.

Process Automation for Legal Service System

Using the powerful capabilities of BizPortals 365, our team developed customized workflows based on departments and categories to automate internal processes and document approval, facilitating the company’s legal staff. As a result, employees can generate form requests, send them for approval to multiple approvers, and be notified of their status in real time.

Departmental Sites

The dedicated sites we created helped in improving internal communication, collaboration, and access to critical resources within the departments, ultimately enhancing company-wide decision-making.

Customizable Solution

When considering the employee experience, sticking with a unidirectional approach was not an option. So, we offered a customizable solution with a tailored interface, navigation, and workflows, making it easier for stakeholders to interact with information and resources available on the digital platform.

“Switching to BizPortals 365 was seamless. Despite the industry-specific requirements, the implementation was quick and met all our needs. Also, the support offered by BizPortals Solutions has been exceptional throughout the process, improving our overall experience.”


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