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Bulletin Boards

How Digital Bulletin Boards can Improve Internal Communication in the Organization?

Are your bulletin boards drowning in the sea of information? 

In today’s world of constant communication and wave of information flows, it is correctly said that “Too much information kills information”. And it is just the same when we receive so many alerts. Some of us also set specific rules to show or hide the notifications but it still creates a clutter of information?

Have you already started imagining the traditional bulletin boards in the office? A scenario where you walk into the office and there is a big bulletin board while passing on to your workstation. There is a notice board full of torn papers, outdated information, uncategorized content pinned at the same place. 

Digital Bulletin Boards

You occasionally stop for a couple of seconds to know the company updates, upcoming events, or anything that might be of interest to you. Sometimes, you stay for a bit longer time when you see some interesting sections with names, photos, and informal details about your colleagues. And then you head off to your work.

Well, it can be quite confusing to understand the relevant information and most likely to be ignored by most of the employees. Because the information is set at a different place and the workstation is somewhere else. The updates posted on the bulletin board is still disconnected from the work.

The problem is not that it is a short display board. The core problem is that it is not well connected to your daily activities and do not support workplace collaboration.

So, what is a Digital Bulletin Board?

A digital bulletin board is used to display information digitally. More often, in the modern world, these are used to share information, messages, notification, and more. It involves digital presentation replacing the papers, cork boards, and other manual tactics of transitioning information.

Gone are the days when companies used to display notice boards or posters in communal areas, lobbies, and waiting rooms. Technological advancement and communication tools have become an unstoppable trend. With digital bulletin boards, it is easier to share information in more organized and effective ways.

Why use Digital Bulletin Boards?

The employees overwhelmingly prefer dynamic content readily available on their digital screens. Bulletin boards enable you to communicate alerts, emergency messages, announcements, and many other parts of your internal communication strategy effectively in the workplace. The digital bulletin boards are one of the most effective workplace communication tools to provide vital information to employees and get their attention. The creative, colorful and moving alerts and information have much better possibilities of being absorbed by the target audience – be it employees or clients. 

Bulletin Boards

Top Benefits of Bulletin Boards

1. Enhanced collaboration

Every bulletin board on the intranet is a unique collection of information and ideas. The employees can discover new content and contribute the information too. Collaboration gets much easier as you can share the information with your team or simply send quick links directly from the board. It keeps the information fresh as the team updates the documents over time.

2. Sense of community

The digital bulletin boards symbolize a sense of social cohesion in the workplace by providing a common framework for employees. They can learn more about their shared goals, viewpoints, and ways to face challenges together, and ultimately, get an excellent way to dive into the conversations. It also helps impart a sense that people contributing to the board are part of a wider community.

3. Increased productivity

Bulletin boards can be a great way to save time and increase productivity. This tool can save employees from the hassles of sorting superfluous emails and tons of information. Instead, the messages, memos, assignments can be posted separately on the bulletin board. Moreover, clear and consistent information can drastically increase performance, productivity, employee, and customer satisfaction.

4. Employee empowerment

Bulletin boards can serve as a great inspiration to motivate and empower employees. For example, employee appreciations, successful project completion stories can encourage employees and make them feel valued. It can also be used as a useful learning tool.

5. Better information absorption

Many organizations rely on the communication methods that are most likely to be missed or ignored. But digital bulletin boards offer visual information management to keep employees abreast of company updates, information, peer activities, and opportunities at work. The visuals help people to quickly absorb the information as the audience is more likely to remember the information when it is delivered in engaging formats like graphics, videos, etc. With bulletin boards in an intranet, it is easier for managers to quickly update and control the content. They can easily send timely content, emergency updates, or new information in a few clicks.

How to improve internal communications with bulletin boards?

Internal communications at the workplace are more important than ever before based on the COVID-19 situation. The strategies, ways of communication, work culture, and the whole corporate world is changing too fast and became very uncertain. Perhaps, internal communication is playing the most important role to keep all the employees in a loop.

With Microsoft 365, you get an easy tool to send news, announcements, information to a set audience instead of individual employees. The different style of newsletters is ready-to-use in a few seconds and well-formatted for any device. Now, you don’t need to draft complicated emails, or announcements every time you have some important information to be shared with the employees. With so many capabilities and facets, the bulletin boards have everything you need to boost your internal communications.

What can be displayed on digital bulletin boards?

A digital bulletin board can be used in multiple ways. It can help in sharing a bulk of information and notifications, along with sharing a lot of business and industry-specific details.

Some of the use cases of bulletin boards are as follows:

1. Videos

It is easier to stream videos on a bulletin board. Organizations can share distinct categories of videos including promotional, product enhancements, tutorials, etc.

2. Schedules

With digital bulletin boards, you can display meetings, calendar information, and weekly schedules. Along with this, it can also help in displaying upcoming information, deadlines, etc.

The integration of bulletin boards and Microsoft 365 intranet solution also provides smooth processing and display of the schedules timely.

3. Internal Updates

This is one of the most specific uses of digital bulletin boards. It provides ease to transmit any internal updates, notifications, targets, product specifications and notes, employee achievements, recognitions, and more.

4. Scrolling News

It is easier to share news updates and headlines using digital bulletin boards. There are various options available to add a motion to content and grab the attention of viewers.

5. Slideshows

Slideshows are the most effective ways to display information in an organization. With bulletin boards, it is also possible to display slides to clear the communication line efficiently.

With this, let’s deep dive into some of the use cases of bulletin boards that can help you understand the utility of bulletin boards in your organization.

6. Weather Forecast

Using bulletin boards, organizations can also forecast local weather information. It displays weather information in real-time.

So now, let’s see some use cases of digital bulletin board to give you an idea of utilizing digital bulletin boards in your organization.

Office 365 Bulletin Boards

And what are the benefits of digital bulletin boards over pinboards?

1. Progressive Exposure

The world is being more advanced and digitalized now, it is the right time to replace print items and even email lists. Virtual bulletin boards can help organizations saturate information in a more organized and efficient way. It provides progressive exposure to businesses with options available in large displays, touchscreens, video walls, monitors, and other internal and external alternatives.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

This is one of the best advantages of using digital bulletin boards as it provides elaborative, exact, and easy-to-understand information. Customers get the opportunity to check the needed information in a few seconds saving their time and effort in real-time.

3. Circulate Multiple Information

It is difficult to add all the information at once to traditional banners, flyers, and pamphlets. The digital bulletin boards help in customizing and adding information according to the preferences, along with this, it also leads to easier processing of multiple information systematically.

4. Eco-Friendly

The conventional form of bulletin boards turns out to be useless after the completion of their purpose. Pamphlets, flyers, and banners remain a part of trash, polluting the environment. Digital bulletin boards are an easy alternative to make the surrounding atmosphere eco-friendly. Organizations need to switch from traditional techniques to digital as a contribution to society.

5. Lower Operating Costs

With all the above benefits, bulletin boards are way more cost-effective. It is a one-time investment that involves no other expenses in the future. It helps to reduce unnecessary expenses and helps with cost saving in every way.

Get started with Bulletin Board to empower your internal communications

The journey with the bulletin board starts with a modern intranet on Office 365 that helps you to stay organized and productive. Going forward, the bulletin board functionality also serves as a basis for content discovery, curation, collaboration, and knowledge management scenarios in the workplace. 

The digital workplace tools must be designed to be collaborative and make work easier for everyone. If you want to reap the business benefits of bulletin boards, the best time is NOW. 

As you plan to improve internal communications in the organization, start identifying some important factors like:

  • What information is required by your team?
  • Where does your team is spending most of the time?
  • How often do you need to share information with the team?

Need more help with your internal communication strategy or digital bulletin board consultation? We at BizPortals 365 would love to hear from you. We will review your goals and suggest the solutions to turn your communication plans into a reality. Schedule a Free Demo now.

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