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Remote Employees with IT Help Desk for SharePoint and Microsoft 365

Supporting Your Remote Employees with IT Help Desk for SharePoint and Microsoft 365

The pace and perks of advancing technology also accompany responsibility and difficulty of adapting it. Isn’t it?

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled organizations to let the staff shift out of the offices and work from their homes or remote locations.

Sounds cool?

Although, remote working is a beneficial option as it offers flexibility, boosts productivity, and improves work-life balance.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that this creates a new challenge for managers and supervisors to track and monitor employee’s working hours and task progress.

Not to forget that it floods in multiple technologies and tools for task and time monitoring, productivity analysis, and services.

But do not worry, there is a way.

For developing a cohesive, transparent, and collaborative remote work environment, it is important to establish a reliable IT Helpdesk like SharePoint helpdesk solution.

Be it a situation of a pandemic or your company’s desire to migrate to the cloud, this is a must-have component of your setup.

Ever wondered why?

The remote employees rely on processes and infrastructure commencing from headquarters, for operating smoothly. For the organizations associated with platforms like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, you can easily develop the IT helpdesk/platform for supporting your remote workforce.

Let us highlight the key features, the platform essentials, and a few services the remote infrastructure of SharePoint helpdesk for supporting remote IT employees.

Basics/essentials of the platform: Streamlining your organization’s procedures and goals with support infrastructure seems a difficult job. As some desk platforms may address basic issues/requirements but fail to analyse the potential issues of remote working. But the SharePoint online helpdesk solution offers what is crucial for remote working, i.e., Collaborative communication, coherent setup/scalability, Reporting & Analysis.

  • Collaborative communication: Communication between the home-based and remote employees is fundamental for supporting remote working structures, especially when multiple time zones are involved. SharePoint aids in developing a centralized, traceable, and routable IT system via the SharePoint online ticketing system.
  • Coherent setup/scalability: Get yourself an IT helpdesk that is cloud-based and offers centralized user account setup/management. It will make onboarding new employees, setting up accounts, configuring, and sharing credentials with employees seem like a cakewalk. Moreover, being cloud-based provides easy options for scaling at minimal costs; install and pay for what you require. The SharePoint online helpdesk also offers integration capabilities with the already present systems, saving the costs of need purchasing additional software.
  • Reporting/Analytics: With operation scaling what increases is the level of accountability within the organization. Therefore, you must ensure that the local staff stays in touch with remote employees and administer how they do it. Because the accountability magnifies when employees work remotely. For example, you need to check for how long the issues are left unaddressed, monitor new employee setup, analyze the ticketing patterns for identifying recurring issues, etc.

Platform essentials and products offered:

  • Essentials:
    • Email integrations and team-based communication
    • Consolidated file sharing
    • Self-acting notifications and alerts
    • Customizable workflows for routing, approvals, and escalation
    • Quick access to productivity apps
    • Integrated communications and ticketing system
  • Products offered: The SharePoint helpdesk offers apps for catering to distinct employee needs.
    • Productivity apps for web and desktop: Words, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint
    • Calendar and Email hosting: Exchange Online
    • Teamwork and communication app: Microsoft Teams
    • File sharing and storage: OneDrive and SharePoint

For realizing the benefits of remote working, your IT helpdesk must support and align with the requirements of the remote working setup.

It is easy and quick to follow!

Implement a comprehensive SharePoint online helpdesk solution to boost workplace communication, address a wide array of analytical requirements, yet offering cost-effective flexibility and scalability of operations.

Also, extend maximum support to your employees for keeping them in the loop and boost their productivity and commitment towards the organization.

Hope you found it helpful. For more information on this, get in touch with our experts or call for a free demo today!

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