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BizPortals 365 Version 1.15 – Introducing Kanban Boards, new document sync features, and more.

Introducing Kanban Boards, new document sync features, and more.

BizPortals 365 Version 1.15 – Introducing Kanban Boards, new document sync features, and more.

You asked, we delivered.
This is what you get to unpack this
holiday season.

We are happy to announce the release of BizPortals 1.15. Packed with new features and improvements, BizPortals 365 continues to be enhanced to address your document management, task management, HR/employee management, business automation, collaboration, and communication needs.

BizPortals is dedicated to constantly redefining the modern intranet as a comprehensive and cohesive workplace solution.

We are excited for you to see our newest additions, so let’s get to them.

Better task management with Kanban Boards

Kanban boards provide easy task and workflow visualization

The boards are arranged in buckets/columns which can be displayed either by “status” (active, in progress, complete) or by “priority” (high, medium, low)

Color codes offer more clarity to the various aspects of a task. For example, a red flag denotes high priority and a red date denotes an overdue task

You can drag and drop boards between buckets to easily reorganize tasks

Simply click to open a task and make other changes like assignment, due dates and description

Sync favorite document libraries to your computer

Sync your most accessed document libraries to your computer

Quickly access and work with documents across libraries with a familiar windows interface

Access your synced libraries and add, edit, delete documents within the library, without logging into the portal

The two-way sync gives you an updated view of the library at all times

Connect your favorite document libraries with Outlook

Provides you a quick reference to your document libraries within Outlook

See an updated list of documents at all times

Convenient to work on multiple documents, across libraries, from one place

View, print and download documents directly from Outlook

Drag and drop documents into emails for sharing

Quick access to multiple document libraries

This new feature allows you to toggle between libraries within a department/team site by selecting them from a drop down

Quickly access the documents you need without having to navigate to the individual libraries

Perform all document actions, including uploading, versioning, sharing, and searching, from this library view

Sync your library with your computer or with Outlook with a click of a button

Consolidate your calendars

Bring your Outlook calendars into BizPortals 365 with a click of a button

Access all your appointments, events, meetings in one calendar view

No more shuffling between project, event, travel, holiday, etc. calendars to see your schedule for the day, week, or month

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