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BizPortals New Features

BizPortals 365 New Version is Up and Running – Enhanced Project Management, Improved Document Discovery, Advanced Library Viewer, Dynamics CRM, Customer Partner Portal and More.

You asked we delivered…!! We are happy to announce the release of a new version of BizPortals365 packed with new features and improvements.

BizPortals is dedicated to constantly redefining the modern intranet as a comprehensive and cohesive workplace solution. We are always keen to address your document management, task management, HR/employee management, business automation, collaboration, and communication needs.

We are excited for you to see our newest additions, so let’s get to them.

Better project and task management with Kanban Boards

Kanban boards provide easy task and workflow visualization

The boards are arranged in buckets/columns which can be displayed either by “status” (active, in progress, complete) or by “priority” (high, medium, low)

Color codes offer more clarity to the various aspects of a task. For example, a red flag denotes high priority and a red date denotes an overdue task

You can drag and drop boards between buckets to easily reorganize tasks

Simply click to open a task and make other changes like assignments, due dates, and descriptions.

Improved document discovery

Quickly access the documents you need with advanced keyword-based search feature without having to navigate to the individual libraries

Perform all document actions, including uploading, versioning, sharing, and searching, from this library view

Preview feature for Microsoft Office documents – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – lets you see what’s inside without opening them

Pin important documents to always stay on top of the list

Edit more than one items at once with bulk editing features

Categorize and tag content including keywords, author names, categories, and dates for easy discovery & navigation of documents

Customize your workflows to streamline the document approval process that automatically updates all authorized team members regarding the document approval status until it is finalized.

Advanced Library Viewer

Toggle between libraries within a department/team site by selecting them from a drop-down

Create relationships between different lists by using a combination of unique columns to enhance your ability to preserve the data integrity and create sophisticated business solutions

Sync your library with your computer or with Outlook in a few clicks

Access your frequently accessed files, folders, and libraries with quick links

Create your custom library views with the standard features of sorting, moving, resizing, ordering the headers, and wrapping the text. You can switch to different library views in a single click

Bring multiple files and folders in one go with File Dropbox. You can easily drag and drop these files and folders to get them stored directly in the individual libraries. You can also create multiple instances of File Dropbox and give custom names to organize your documents in the best possible ways.

Sync favorite document libraries to your computer

Sync your most accessed document libraries to your computer to quickly access and work with documents across different libraries

Access your synced libraries and add, edit, delete documents within the library, without logging into the portal

The two-way sync gives you an updated view of the library and updated list of documents at all times

Connect your favorite document libraries with Outlook, Drag and drop documents into emails for sharing

Perform all document actions, including uploading, versioning, sharing, and searching, from this library view

Consolidate your calendars to bring your Outlook calendars with a click of a button, access all your appointments, events, meetings in one calendar view.

An efficient document approval system

Set up a customized approval workflow with a quick, efficient, error-free, and standardized automated system

Conduct the workflow notifying users that they need to provide approval and tracks the process through to completion

Documents approval workflows can be defined at the level of the library

Single or multiple approvers can be selected for the process and the order in which documents will route to these approvers can be set. The order can be either serial or parallel

Set a deadline for document approvals to ensure that the documents are finalized on time. The approvers receive timely email reminders and can see their pending approval tasks in their task list in real-time.

eSignature Solution

Specify and order any number of signers based on different roles and access beyond signing permissions to control every step of the process

Sign documents electronically and ensure that your eSignatures are widely accepted for most of the business transactions

Request signatures, send reminders, check the status of documents, and view audit trails with DocuSign

Protect your highly confidential information with high-end encryptions and making every document tamper-evident.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Deliver excellent customer support, search knowledge guides, collaborate with communities, learn more about the product and service offerings

Bring a new level of productivity with Office 365 (now renamed Microsoft 365) tools like Outlook, word, excel, OneNote, Power BI along with CRM solution

Easy CRM access to provide a connected view of data intelligence on customer records, transactions, behaviors, and predictive insight tools

Automate repetitive and manual business processes, workflows, and tasks to move the needle of business efficiency

Embrace an integrated system with business workflow and process automation features of BizPortals 365 to bring a new level of productivity and CRM success.

Customer Partner Portal Integration

Access to the self-service portal to provide instant access to information, excellent online customer experience

Enable your business to be always available and integrates well with your ERP/CRM/Intranet

Create automation workflows for enhanced customer interaction management on time-based or event-based triggers

The self-service portal provides you a place to share customer-centric information like product, pricing, delivery, payment options, and easy access to the knowledge base, FAQ, user manuals, articles, and videos to ensure the successful self-service journey of customers

Streamline customer and partner communications at a central place from multiple channels like phone, chat, email, social media into a unified portal

Important data insights to improve your team performance and ensure powerful business reporting

Tailored experience and role-based access feature to control access to products, shipping methods, payment options, and other important functionalities.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring the features of this latest version. BizPortals 365 offers a ready-to-use modern intranet solution with advanced tools and functionalities to improve collaboration, address your document management, task management, business automation, project efficiency, and communication needs. Schedule a DEMO to explore the new version of BizPortals 365 and take your business to the next level.

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