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With the growing importance of information in construction business, the intranet is a one-stop solution for all your stakeholders including project managers, site teams, clients, contractors, vendors, and bidding teams. As a result, it reduces business risks, increases efficiency, wins maximum project bids, and ensures compliance in the highly competitive industry.

If you are not sure about the collaboration status, check your project collaboration score here:

Collaboration Questionnaire

1. Are the project issues solved individually or as a team?

2. Do you rely primarily on paper for communicating the project changes?

3. Are your team members given training as per the industry standards and guidelines?

4. Do project stakeholders have problems in checking the real-time project status due to lack of visibility?

5. Have your project experience a lot of rework due to a lack of communication?

6. Do you work with people from different cultural backgrounds?

Total: 0

Your Collaboration Score

Score 10-13: You are managing the projects considerably well. You can consider investing in collaboration software to manage the project scope changes.

Score 14-19: You are lacking internal communications and information management. Rolling out a collaboration software will provide ready to use data, keep the projects on time and budget.

Score 20-30: Adopt collaboration software as a top priority to enhance information management and quality control while reducing rework and increasing profits.

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