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Best ways to use Intranet Portal for HR functions

“Engaged employees are the most powerful asset of a business.”
The work environments of organizations are changing fast and becoming increasingly complex because of business competition, growing globalization and technological changes. To cope with these dominating trends, Human Resources (HR) departments are looking to improve upon the complexity of information and processes, planning of work force and updating technology.

What should be included in an intranet and How is HR intranet portal useful for HR leaders?

An intranet is often considered as the primary responsibility of the IT, marketing and internal communications department. But the fact is that an intranet for HR is extremely useful and stands to be one of the biggest pillars of strength for the department. A human resources intranet plays a central role in building a successful, inclusive and engaged work culture. It also develops the employer brand, supports employee engagement, increases productivity and ultimately shapes the overall experience of the employees.
One important function of HR is to quickly identify business processes, clearly define the steps and ensure that the execution of the processes is carried out electronically. The successful deployment of an HR intranet portal can eventually turn the process into a self-service operation, saving resources and aligning with the expectations of the modern workforce.
When it comes to introducing new technology or replacing outdated tools on an HR intranet, it is very important to consider the needs of the HR team and understand their existing processes and systems to make the largest positive impact.

Driving Employee Engagement with Microsoft Office 365 Intranet

HR Intranet Portal

Let’s understand more about human resources intranet and how to drive employee engagement with HR intranet software

An intranet is a great platform to provide a digital workspace and a social environment for organizations. It plays a significant role in meeting HR challenges by providing well-organized, timely and current information, storing and retrieving employee records, converting HR transactions to self-service methods, assisting in employee development and enabling interactions in a modern fashion. Here are leading approaches to gain maximum benefits from and HR intranet portal:

Information Dissemination

BizPortals365 offers a dedicated intranet for HR to manage human resources functions. Employee Center, is a built-in hub for HR staff which offers a concise, consolidated view of benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, profit sharing, vacation policies and holiday calendar. Employees can quickly find what they need without getting lost in a web of links. The primary features of HR intranet portal include:
  • A video portal to store and play pre-recorded videos useful to all employees. The topics range from training sessions, company events, new useful practices and much more.
  • An announcement section to inform everyone regarding recent developments.
  • A customizable content section, where information can be categorized and presented in suitable ways. It displays rich text with links and pictures, lists, events, a set of documents and forms.
  • One or more document libraries to store policies, procedures and benefits related documents.
  • A tools and resources section.
  • A photo gallery to share company pictures.
  • A section for important company contacts so that employees don’t have to dig through complex navigation to find a frequently required contact.

HR Transactions

It is imperative for HR leaders to adjust to constantly evolving technology and adopt best practices which include enhancing their functions with automation and self-service options for smooth transactions through the HR intranet software.
Using organizational features of the Employee Center, HR can group information, documents and forms for various categories such as travel information and policies, health information and related forms, and employee activities. BizPortals 365 provides a single point of contact for all employee self-service related activities and employees can initiate HR transactions independently and efficiently on their own time.
The Employee Center offers pre-built digital forms to automate common tasks of employees. Some of the forms in the human resources intranet are:
  • Leave management
  • Timesheet recording
  • Expense request and reimbursement
  • Employee appraisal process
  • Employee profile changes
  • IT requests
Operationally, the forms go through a rigorous cycle of multi-level feedback and approval stages. Reminders are sent to the responsible party to take action to move the form to the next stage. At the end of a transaction, the records are stored and can be searched or analyzed for reporting purposes.

Employee Recruitment and Development

HR can make an invaluable business impact with one of the best employee intranets. It helps in streamlined recruitment and development process and also, improves the retention rate of the skilled workforce. The three factors which stand out as essential for a healthy organization are:
  • Processes to quickly onboard new employees
  • Recurring training courses for ongoing development of employees
  • A collaborative and inclusive environment to instill a sense of ownership, contribution and innovation among all employees
Speedy recruitment of skilled workers requires a resume bank, which can be built in BizPortals 365. Each resume is tagged with skills, experience level, location and availability so that it can be searched with the appropriate tags in the future. The step-by-step recruitment procedure can be tracked electronically with notes to ensure that the discussions are properly documented and made available to individuals involved in the decision-making process.
Post recruitment, the onboarding procedure can be completely encapsulated by a workflow. Each step is carried out in a pre-defined order, tracked and monitored to ensure that the new employee has fulfilled all paperwork, and the office/IT setups are completed in a timely manner.
An HR intranet portal is a digital environment that allows employees to share a common platform. BizPortals 365 adopts a people centric approach to value each employee’s contribution by providing required tools and resources to participate and be recognized in the organization. Employee engagement is greatly enhanced with easy access to features for social collaboration. This includes tools such as:
  • People directory
  • Discussion tools to participate in an activity
  • Contribution to knowledge base
  • Shared news, announcements and events
  • Spotlight section to acknowledge accomplishments
  • Yammer for conversations

HR Intranet Portal is a tool for success

Success is driven by ideas and expertise from all parts of your organization. An HR intranet portal provides a platform for breaking down silos and empowering individuals to work together, use their collective knowledge, and make better decisions, faster.
In this topic, we have explored the diverse ways to use an intranet for HR functions. The optimum utilization of an intranet leads to tangible benefits for HR managers, respective teams, departments, and the organization. For information about HR intranet portal and BizPortals365, please email us at or schedule a FREE DEMO today.

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