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Email Manager for Effective Email Management within Microsoft Outlook

Email Manager for Effective Email Management within Microsoft Outlook

In the ever-changing business scenarios, one aspect that has evolved but isn’t replaced is the preferred mode of communication, i.e., Email. Even in modern times, it is considered the best way of exchanging corporate as well personal information. According to a survey, 86% of professionals name email as their favorite mode of communication. On the contrary to the ease of sharing an email, is managing the emails/inboxes. Employees often struggle in capturing and extracting crucial content from emails and managing their inboxes. Moreover, in the absence of proper multi-platform integration capabilities, suffers content management, collaboration, and employee productivity. 

Microsoft Outlook is one of the corporate emailing portals and thus poses similar issues for its users. For countering the problems of recording, documentation, integration, and management of emails, we introduce to you our comprehensive email manager, Mail Envoy.

Email management best practices

This email manager for Microsoft Outlook is exclusively designed for streamlining the process of email management for SharePoint & Microsoft 365. It simplifies the entire email management system and eases recording, classifying, organizing, and accessing the information from Outlook to platforms like Microsoft 365 or OneDrive. This tool can be deployed effectively for SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 and is compatible with web and mobile browsers. It effortlessly integrates Outlook to OneDrive, Teams, and Microsoft 365 boosting overall productivity, collaborations, and content management. 

Further, learn about the features and benefits of the email manager.

Key Features:

1. Store email content in any desired folder, library, or document set.

It fosters collaboration by saving the email body and attachments, to the desired SharePoint document library, folder, Microsoft Team Channels, Groups, and OneDrive without exiting Outlook. You can easily import the Outlook emails in the form of EML files containing attachments, email messages, and other email-related information. This tool automatically displays all the SharePoint areas for which the user has access permissions.

2. Allows saving the emails using custom attributes.

The user can easily search for document libraries existing on the SharePoint platform with the advanced search capabilities offered by Microsoft 365 while working in Outlook. You can add, access, or modify the labels while saving the emails or attachments to SharePoint. The use of additional custom properties promotes diligent business process execution and supports multiple data formats for aligned completion of metadata.

3. Label the emails and pin the often-used location.

While saving/importing the emails to SharePoint, Groups, and Teams; label the emails and access the right information at the right time. You can organize the content and attachments to adhere to organizational guidelines. Not just emails, for quick navigation to document libraries you can pin your favorite/ most used SharePoint locations. And simply click on “Favorites” to view the pinned libraries and SharePoint locations. Plus, you can view recent saved locations instead of navigation through the entire favorites section.

4. Offers centralized deployment and an intuitive user interface.

Even while working with SharePoint & Microsoft 365, this tool provides you with an intuitive working experience on Outlook. It is compatible with web and mobile browsers helping you to work from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, with the central deployment capabilities of Microsoft 365, you can work across all the environments of Microsoft Outlook.


  1. The email manager encourages familiarization with distinct Microsoft 365 solutions. 
  2. Augments the level of productivity and flexibility.
  3. Improves content and record management.
  4. Capitalizes your investment in Microsoft platforms.
  5. Boosts employee productivity with SharePoint integration.
  6. Promotes modern collaboration with OneDrive, Groups, and Microsoft Teams.

The deployment of Mail Envoy, the email management tool is the outlook email management best practice. It is a tool crafted with intellectual capabilities like smart search (using custom properties), duplication check (prevents the dual recording of a mail), automates business workflows, etc.  It seamlessly manages Outlook, fosters integration with Microsoft 365 environment, enhances content management, and boosts modern collaboration.

With this one-stop solution, revamp the Outlook email management experience within the organization.

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