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5 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet is Best Choice for Your Organization

Having a wealth of tools like corporate messengers, forums, chats, video conferencing solutions makes our day at work easy and awesome too. The technology world has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and it is now possible today for anyone with the right technology and skills to launch a business. While many technologies have flashed and faded, intranet software has progressed to revolutionize business operations.

From the humble beginnings with limited functional functionalities, the intranet has now become the holistic digital workplace solution. The modern intranet boosts top-down communication, engage employees, enhance productivity, manage projects, increase collaboration, and much more.

SharePoint intranet

Choosing the Right Intranet Platform

The benefits of the intranet are numerous but when it is the time to implement an intranet setup, one size fits all approach does not work. Often, the intranets are not well ingrained in the culture or processes of the organization and soon it gets forgotten. Either, the employees are not aware that the intranet exists, or they don’t have good reasons to use it, or don’t know how to use it?

Choosing the right platform ensures that your intranet becomes a one-stop solution for information, communications, tools, and applications to make your entire digital workplace successful. This goal is valid but quite ambitious too and makes it extremely important for you to select the right intranet platform for your organization.

Well, SharePoint is here to handle all your business and employee engagement challenges. Is SharePoint an intranet? SharePoint started as a document management system way back in 2001, added web publishing capabilities in 2003, and evolved as a market leader. While SharePoint as an Intranet is not the only option for you, but SharePoint has certainly evolved as the first platform to ace intranet and collaboration and became the market leader.

SharePoint as Intranet portal

Most likely, you would want your intranet to become a one-stop company hub for all the information, a direct entrance to the tools and applications, the primary source of knowledge sharing and collaboration practices, and a complete digital workplace solution. One of the most important things about Microsoft SharePoint is that it has collaboration at its very core. And at the same time, it is equally powerful to improve employee engagement, productivity, and the bottom line of your business. Office 365 SharePoint intranet offers work features (Project Management, Workflows, Document Management, team and Project collaboration sites, etc.) as well as social features(Blogs, Chats, Newsfeeds, Stack exchange, etc.).

Why use SharePoint for intranet? Go through the 5 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet is Best Choice for your Organization

1. Office 365 ecosystem

SharePoint is an integral part of Office 365 suite and this ecosystem offers a lot of inbuilt features and functionalities. Some of the great tools include OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Skype for business, Yammer, Delve, and much more. SharePoint modern intranet provides immense opportunities to improve the business processes (using Power Automate) and reporting (Using Power BI) within the intranet. It also provides enhanced future possibilities to integrate with Microsoft automation and AI capabilities in SharePoint Online. The close relationship of Office 365 suite of tools with your intranet allows you to achieve a great digital workplace experience.

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2. Content targeting and Customization

The capabilities of personalization play a vital role when it comes to the intranet. Using SharePoint as an intranet allows you to personalize your digital workplace and leverage easy integration with Active directory profiles. With a modern intranet, you can target the content into different groups by division, location, functions, or seniority level. This means that different customized content can be placed together targeting the individual employees. The SharePoint intranet also allows users to subscribe to different topics of interest.

3. Excellent Document Management

Most of the organizational success depends on the collection, storage, and distribution of the knowledge and documents. The robust document and library capabilities are few of the core features of SharePoint corporate intranet that help businesses to achieve state-of-the-art knowledge management, collaboration, and more. The SharePoint libraries can be easily integrated into your intranet to provide easy access to documents. Well, the capabilities are not only restrained to document lifecycle, but it goes far beyond. From version history to check-in/check-out, to seamless integration with Microsoft Office Suite, you get everything at one place. You can also edit and co-author your documents easily without getting into the hassles of email trails.  

Check document management features offered in SharePoint intranet

4. Highly scalable and flexible

Sky is the limit when it is about the flexibility and adaptability of the SharePoint platform. Wondering how to build an intranet using SharePoint? You can easily build your unique digital workplace solution with a range of capabilities including content management, collaboration, internal communication, employee engagement, enterprise search, and more. The business priorities never remain the same and so do the functionalities of SharePoint. Microsoft invests heavily in the new features and updates of SharePoint to deliver a perfectly crafted intranet. With the SharePoint intranet, you need not spend extra time, efforts, and budget to build your customized intranet solution.

5. Collaboration and social features

SharePoint is no more a rigid and static platform that can be used only on-premises. With a myriad of collaboration and social features, evolvement of Yammer, “Follow” features, Office 365 tools, SharePoint employee intranet has become an interactive social system. It can be used actively to engage employees and provide them a more fun experience with social aspects attached to it. SharePoint intranet cannot act as a social media tool but it provides functionalities like a personal profile, interests, and job function details, team, etc. It allows you to search for people within the company, make you understand the audience better and improves the channel of communication. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams has now taken the crown of its flagship collaboration tool and became the heart of the intranet experience.


  • Why are company moving towards SharePoint Intranet?

Thanks to the continuous developments and updates of Microsoft, SharePoint has become even more promising platform to build a perfect intranet. The greatest advantage of moving towards SharePoint intranet is its adaptability. The platform offers a large set of out-of-the-box features that can be extended with required customizations. It allows you to build your unique digital workplace solution according to your business requirements. In addition, you can also leverage the benefits of cloud services with Office 365 that comes with SharePoint online. If you are thinking to migrate from a SharePoint on-premise online (Microsoft Office 365). Check this step-by-step guide to make your migration process smooth and easy.

  • How to use SharePoint as an intranet?

Of course, SharePoint has emerged as one of the most preferred choices of platforms for the corporate intranet. You can use an intranet-in-a-box that provides a set of templates and functionalities to enhance the SharePoint experience. An intranet-in-a-box is a readymade solution to improve the digital workplace without requiring big budgets for traditional intranets that need a large team of developers. The intranet in-a-box solutions coupled with SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 help the organizations to boost employee collaboration, adoption, engagement, productivity, and overall business efficiency. Learn how a ready-to-go intranet solution can help you get more out of your SharePoint investment?

  • How SharePoint Improves the Workplace?

SharePoint intranet portal benefits businesses of all sizes and industries. It has been an industry leader in document management and collaboration from the last two decades. The out of the box SharePoint intranet features like document management, digital asset management, collaboration, enterprise-grade security, enterprise search, project management, and employee engagement features are the key benefits that empower the digital workplace. Now, Microsoft has moved SharePoint onto Office 365 (SharePoint online) to offer an easy-to-use and cost-effective digital workplace solution. Know Top 15 Advantages of Intranet on Microsoft 365

Build your modern SharePoint Intranet with BizPortals 365

SharePoint always keeps on raising the bar to make the platform better than ever before. The new features and upgrades, great functionalities, powerful tools to boost internal communications, employee engagement, and collaborations make SharePoint intranet as the best choice for your organization. 

If you give priority to the employee and workplace experience but are concerned about the extended implementation time of the intranet, a ready-to-go intranet is a perfect choice. BizPortals 365 comes with best-in-class user experience while leverages the benefits of Office 365 to augment your digital workplace in the best possible manner. It also integrates well with the new updates and latest SharePoint improvements to provide the best intranet experience to your employees and address your business needs. Schedule a DEMO to know how a SharePoint intranet can help you achieve your productivity and business goals. 

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