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Oil and Gas Industry challenges

Top Challenges Facing the Oil and Gas Industry a Next-gen Intranet Can Solve

The Oil and Gas Industry is dynamic and extreme, operating among complex global and domestic frameworks. The expansion into new geographies and environments undoubtedly creates opportunities for revenue generation. But the revenues are always accompanied by risks; expansions increase the risk and complexity of business operations. Internal operations along with the external environment, like different locations and different regulatory norm impositions by the government, further escalate the level of complexities. Plus, fierce market scenarios and competitions push the organizations to move the extra mile and focus on operational excellence in the oil and gas industry.

The external environment cannot be broadly controlled anyways, but you can surely control their internal environment. This is made possible by establishing a digital framework that connects remote teams at various oil fields, boosts on-site communication, automates extraction/ refinery processes; in turn improving operational efficiency. Establish an exceptional digital workplace using SharePoint and Office 365 solution for Oil and Gas Industry.

But first, understand the oil and gas industry challenges and how a next-gen intranet can solve them.

1. Provide visibility into key operations.

The extraction and refinery operations are conducted in physically extreme locations, coupled with market price fluctuations, demand irregularity, different regulatory regimes, numerous third-party suppliers, and employees working in remote locations.

How intranet helps:

With the SharePoint and Office 365 management portal for Oil and Gas, just feed the processes and people into the system for providing clarity and transparency to the diverse operations conducted from the field to refinery. The platform’s integration capabilities provide round-the-clock connectivity to geographically distinct employees. With a counter dashboard, keep a real-time check on the business activities. For further clarity of operations easily display multiple locations (using Location Viewer), plan field activities according to the weather situations (using Weather Viewer).

Oil and Gas Industry SharePoint Intranet

2. Improve collaboration with oilfield for better logistic services.

The oilfield services are crucial to any Oil and Gas Company, as any mistake/failure can result in irreparable damages in the chain of events. Moreover, the poor material planning, aggravated with volatile market and supply constraints can shackle employee productivity and efficiency.

How intranet helps:

The companies can achieve operational excellence in the oil and gas industry by implementing cloud-based collaboration solutions from portals designed by SharePoint and Office365. With advanced libraries, your employees can easily share detailed planning and forecast information and homogenize inventory measurement processes for the field workers. Using Microsoft Planner, both on-site and off-site teams can plan their calendars well in advance and eliminate the chances of task delays and redundancy.

3. Build a high-performing culture and workforce through training, new systems, and current management.

The facts claim that global energy consumption will rise by 41% by 2035 with the majority of demand emerging from growing economies. With the rising number of projects and their complexities, a dire need for retention of skilled staff while expecting the new ones to speed-up quickly puts the company under tremendous pressure. While dealing with recruitment and retention issues, companies cannot focus on increasing monetary benefits and perks.

How intranet helps:

Give an upgrade to your document libraries with File Dropbox to breakdown the information silos, improve connectivity with subject-matter experts with the Ask an Expert feature, and use Yammer Integration for driving communication and collaboration. Use the Quick launch menu for quick access to multiple work functionalities. These features improve operational efficiency, allow employees to focus on crucial tasks, provide scope for efficient training, pragmatic learning and development, and opportunities for succession planning.  It provides opportunities for self-growth, resolves the oil and gas industry challenges, and synchronically produces better results for the firm.

Oil and Gas Industry SharePoint Management

4. Consider ‘metrics’ as a vital sign of productivity and effectiveness.

Why is getting the right metrics crucial for complex industries like oil and gas? The metrics guide your path in fairly getting the right insights and visibility into the operations, which further drives the behaviors and decision-making activities by management.

How intranet helps:


Plan the daily on-field schedules considering the weather metrics from Weather Viewer, view project portfolios and dashboards in the respective Project Workspace. Moreover, the system is integrated with modern asset management tools and capabilities of quick failure detection, real-time alert management tool on sensing irregularities, and issue resolution time by collaborative data sharing across the enterprise. With SharePoint’s cloud-based intranet, you can get real-time operational updates to improve operational efficiency in the oil and gas industry, develop metrics and analytics, and respond to minor issues before they turn into serious problems.

Next-gen SharePoint Intranet Oil and Gas Industry

There are many other oil and gas industry challenges like achieving operational excellence, making effortless knowledge sharing, and improving asset management and execution skills. With an intranet, tool deployments get relieved of worries like data security, creation of information silos, employee engagement, and collaboration.

Just deploy the next-gen SharePoint intranet for the oil and gas industry and experience the challenges turning into opportunities for improvements and achievements of business excellence in the long run.

Don’t delay anymore! Get the SharePoint Intranet for your oil and gas industry today. Book a demo to know how.

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