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Intranet Software For Hospitals

How Microsoft 365 Intranet is becoming the pulse of healthcare

“New diseases and strains need new techniques in hospitals and healthcare organizations”

The healthcare companies are preparing for and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic while protecting their patients, visitors, staff, and the organization. With breaking news coming up every hour, it is vital for hospitals to stay informed about procedural changes related to all the aspects of healthcare operations.

Like most of the hospitals, are you also facing these issues?

  • Improving patient care standards
  • Reducing healthcare risks and liabilities
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Communicating across different healthcare departments
  • Filing, storing, accessing, and protecting the documents
  • Automating healthcare process workflows like from appointments to payment transactions
  • Publish news, policies, rules, and organizational settings based on unique requirements
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Achieve best-in-class collaboration
  • Increase business and financial acumen

These are some of the reasons why a Microsoft 365 intranet has become the pulse of healthcare. At BizPortals 365, we enable you to feel the freedom to communicate, collaborate, and engage within the healthcare organizations anytime, anywhere, on any device. The intranet solution for healthcare industry ensure seamless communication and collaboration while ensuring empowered healthcare infrastructure.

Healthcare Management Software

How an intranet solution for healthcare industry helps?

1. Boost Healthcare Productivity

Ensures that healthcare professionals have access to all the important information with the advanced search and version control options. The effective intranet of Microsoft Office 365 can help in fastening the staff consultations for patients with online forms, performance dashboards, department sites, training courses, interim care guidelines, policies, and more. 

2. Secure Document Management System

Having up-to-date access to documents helps in getting all your mission-critical data anytime, anywhere, on any device. No more important documents lost over email. You can store all your documents at a central repository, ensure the safety of your policies and protocols with a  secure document management system

The staff can only access the content according to the given permissions to eliminate the confidentiality concerns. An intranet solution for healthcare industry also help you to create, share, and renew knowledge base with the latest healthcare data through a central hub and provide access rights to employees, groups, departments, or job roles.

3. Find Right People and Expertise

The directory provides quick access to the employees, which is critical in the healthcare industry. You can search the staff by name, location, department, interests, expertise, and so on. Encourage the people to add skills, tags, and expertise on their profiles to make the search quickly and efficiently. 

The employee directory offers a clean layout of staff with the capability to refine the list and find the people easily with specific job titles and skills, and their contact information. Support your staff with a flexible intranet solution for healthcare industry.

4. HIPAA compliant and secure

Thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint Platform on which all the healthcare information is safe and effectively protected on a role-based approach. The granular permission system enables role-based access and lets you control the sensitive information. Microsoft supports the compliance standards for its Microsoft suite of products and utilizing an intranet on Microsoft 365 can make your health organization HIPPA-compliant. The advanced compliance of Microsoft ensures the prevention of data loss, security incident event management, data classification, and encryption for data-at-rest. Use an effective intranet solution for healthcare industry ensures built-in security and compliance features for your organization.

Security and compliance are the topmost priorities of the BizPortals 365 healthcare intranet. It ensures the security of data and all the processes are thoroughly tested for cybersecurity standards. 

5. Customized department sites

Healthcare software makes it easy for medical professionals to communicate and collaborate in a digital workplace. Organize your healthcare intranet according to the diverse needs of projects, teams, and departments. It increases the ease of employees to find the information they need. 

The intranet solution for healthcare industry offers personalized home page and applications to meet the needs of different healthcare departments, projects, teams, and purposes. The news and announcements, updates, events, activities, and other important records are pushed to specific sites. Start promoting informed decision-making and better patient care with BizPortals 365.

6. Employees Engagement

Empower two-way communication with the healthcare intranet by involving the healthcare staff in discussions, blogs, and build the much-required collaborative spirit. It provides personalized and actionable messaging in the form of updates, clinical updates, patient information, appointments, medical records, and much more. Watch employee satisfaction and retention reaching new heights in your healthcare organization.

7. Improved Patient Care

The best patient care can be provided with the best of team efforts. With an intranet solution for healthcare industry, you can eliminate all the information silos, improve knowledge sharing practices, streamline your business processes across the teams, locations, and departments. It also helps in improving the employee experiences with open communication channels and access to most up-to-date resources at their fingertips.

Collaborating and sharing information on-the-go will empower the employees and enables them to provide patient care within the healthcare organization. 

How to use Healthcare Intranet to prepare for COVID-19?

Preparing the employees for this health crisis has become mandatory because Coronavirus is going to stay even if the lockdown nears its end. Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to shore up their potentials to deal with health emergencies. The best guidelines and collective compliance need to be maintained in tune with the advisory of the WHO and government. Here, an intranet can become the main source to communicate information to employees at the right time.

With an intranet solution for healthcare industry, the hospital staff can create COVID-19 communication pages and link these pages to the specific departments and people as per the requirements. Microsoft 365 intranet provides real-time communication updates to all the employees, which is less likely to be accessed through emails every now and then. This information changes very fast and relates to the important guidelines and procedures to deal with the situations in the hospital settings.

Healthcare Intranet

BizPortals 365 offers a ready-to-use intranet solution for healthcare industry with advanced digitalization tools to improve communication, disseminate information and training among employees, and most importantly, improve patient care. Schedule a Demo to learn more about BizPortals 365 healthcare intranet and start making it easy for healthcare staff to collaborate better in a digital workplace.

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