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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Reimagine the Customer Relationship Management with Dynamics 365 integration. With BizPortals 365, you can launch a full-fledged customer support and service portal which is 100% housed and integrated with your existing CRM system.

The Dynamics 365 portal offers the building blocks of document management, automated workflows, project and task management, business reporting and analytics, enhanced mobility, various other social collaboration, and self-service tools. All the Microsoft 365 productivity tools can be used seamlessly with an integrated view of the CRM solution to leverage disparate information in the organization. Help your business stay ahead of the game with the personalized SharePoint CRM templates.

Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Integration

Leverage the Dynamics 365 and SharePoint integration with BizPortals 365

The integration of Dynamics 365 CRM with the productivity applications of Microsoft 365 provides a connected view of customer records, transactions, behaviors and preferences, and predictive insight tools for decision-makers. SharePoint integration lets you view and manage the Dynamics 365 documents and Microsoft 365 resources from SharePoint and leverage the existing functionality at a fraction of the effort. In addition to the Microsoft Office Suite, the Dynamics integration offers a SharePoint portal to provide instant access to key CRM information available with SharePoint CRM templates.

BizPortals 365 integrates your ERP and CRM systems to deliver a flexible solution while utilizing the best features of SharePoint. If you are already a SharePoint and Microsoft 365 user or thinking to become one, the integration of Dynamics 365 can help you automate your business, improve CRM processes, and save a lot of time and money.


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Take your customer service to the next level with BizPortals 365

Office 365 tools with Dynamics 365

Microsoft 365 Integration

The integration of Office 365 tools with Dynamics 365 is very impressive. Office programs like Outlook, word, excel, OneNote, Power BI along with extended features of a comprehensive workplace solution works best to achieve your customer relationship goals. Together, they bring a new level of productivity and CRM success to make your life easier.
Real-time integration with CRM

Real-time Integration with CRM

The integrated portal acts as a single window to access the business data from ERP and CRM systems. Dynamics 365 can easily integrate with your existing systems, software, and applications to transform your data and IT infrastructure into a strategic asset. BizPortals 365 is a future-proof solution to transform your business processes while meeting your integration needs.
Automate Workflows with CRM

Keep Customers Informed About the Progress of Their Service Issues

With a user-friendly CRM platform, you can easily keep the customers informed during every interaction. With the right tracking system and updated information about customer service issues, businesses can schedule their resources, optimize scheduling, automate workflows, and simplify their work. Manage the complete lifecycle of the customer service chain to increase brand advocacy and loyalty.
Driving Customer Lifetime Value with Actionable Data Insights

Driving Customer Lifetime Value with Actionable Data Insights

Maximize customer lifetime value with insights based on the customer profiles to engage them better. Bring together the observational, transactional, and behavioral data in real-time and deliver state-of-the-art customer experiences. The Dynamics 365 integration provides a 360-degree overview of customer information to increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value. It also enables you to generate live ERP and CRM reports like purchase orders, sales, invoices, complaint resolution, and other on-demand datasheets.
Integrated CRM Portal

Empower Customer Service Agents

Give the much-required tools, data, and guidance to your customer service professionals to resolve the customer issues. The integrated CRM portal is very helpful in delivering effective support using the service software that can access all customer information at a central location. Moreover, the supportive CRM power mobile apps allow you to quickly create, customize, share and manage mobile apps by using the Dynamics 365 connector in just a few minutes.
Cloud-based Document Management System

Manage Documents with Ground-Breaking Abilities

Get a highly secure, user-friendly, hassle-free document management system on SharePoint. It provides an automated way of capturing, organizing, tagging, digitizing, storing, accessing, approving, and completing the documents involved in your business. Moreover, the cloud-based document management system enables a secure, central online repository of documents, where the files can be easily searched, retrieved, and shared in a few clicks. These features of a SharePoint DMS translate to better productivity, efficiency, and reduced cost.
User and Role Security

User and Role Security

Provide defined permissions to specific users to control the customer information access at different levels, from a single document to departments and the site itself. It allows you to apply specific permissions to documents, files, and tightly control who sees what in the organization. Get an indispensable intranet solution with the functionalities of versioning, approval workflow, check-in, check-out, workflows, and other powerful features of Office 365.
Business automation-with-multi-stage-workflows

Business Automation with Multi-Stage Workflows

Automate repetitive and manual business processes, workflows, and tasks to move the needle of business efficiency. Embracing a CRM system with workflow and process automation features of BizPortals 365 improves employee productivity and ensures stronger accountability and compliance.
Service Level Agreement

Adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The varying service levels can be delivered to different customer groups based on specific products or services. The businesses can define SLAs for each customer group in Dynamics 365 and reflect the key performance indicators. The customer service agents can adhere to the service level agreements within the defined response timelines and get trigger alerts if any record type is at risk of SLA breaches.
Dynamics 365 with Office 365 intranet

Bizportals 365 – Power of Dynamics 365 CRM with the Agility of Microsoft 365 Intranet

Whether you are a small business or large organization, customers always remain the priority. The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and intelligent applications of Microsoft 365 has the right capabilities to improve your operational processes, workflows, strategies, and business profitability.

Dynamics CRM portal with the Microsoft 365 tools allows you to work with sales, projects, customer-related information, and complaints directly in the digital workspace. Manage all your customer interactions and relationship with predefined templates, automated workflows, empower your sales and customer service teams, while utilizing various tools and applications like One Drive, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Outlook, and many more.

No more endless mundane tasks to manage customer cases. Imagine all the time you can save with the integrated Microsoft 365 intranet and Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

If you are looking for a dedicated CRM portal with the utilities of Microsoft 365 to add immense value to your business, BizPortals 365 can be the right choice for you – a productive SharePoint intranet portal and a CRM expert for your business.

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